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Don't chase pennies with dollars!

Go Green Intelligently!Solar is great, but does swapping one payment for another for the next 20 years really make sense?

All Solar Companies are not the same!

At SolarTree we take a much different approach than the competition.

  1. We make your home or business use energy efficiently by installing our STEM 200 unit.
  2. We analyze what draws most of your energy waste and correct it!
  3. Our Energy Experts design and install alternative energy systems specificaly tailored for your needs.

Our energy systems can reduce, and replace, high cost electricity with low cost technology.  The investment is small, the payback is short, and your return on investment is great!

Don’t get talked into chasing pennies with dollars.
Go green intelligently and inexpensively!

Let us help you save $$$ and the environment today!