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Energy Management Key to Saving Money

2014-09-16 11.25.13  eMS unit is the most advanced
 energy management system

 This unit is a full self contained solar
 generator, with both on-grid and off-grid

 capabilities at an affordable price.
 This system will use solar energy, battery
 stored energy
 and on-grid energy in the most effiecent
manner creating real cost savings!

If you really want to save money on your electric bills

 These units are ideal way to REDUCE YOUR ELECTRICAL COSTS ,  let us show you how,
 with one of our powerful eMS units at the ready!   

 Plug the appliances you wish to use without plugging them into your wall outlet. 
 Then recharge using our solar panel it is as simple as 1, 2, 3 Each hour you use off grid
 power you save on your electric bill which adds up

quickly for real savings!

If you really want to prepare for the next big emergency

Preparing for an emergency? Our units can handle your electrical needs in any emergency from: 

Earth Quakes
Brown Outs
or the unthinkable 

Don't be caught unprepared!

If you really want to go green to save the planet 

A way to use solar more effectively. You can reduce green house gas with one of our units
operating your electrical appliances.  

Now you can generate and use your own electricity even in your apartment or condo. 

Ever hour of off grid, solar generated power you create and use reduces your carbon foot print
and helps with your efforts to heal the planet.  Don't just buy offsets-really go green

Show your friends and neighbors how easy it is to go green with our eMS E units!

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